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    I am starting out learning to program in realbasic..seems kinda cool..anyone have any tips or tricks of the trade for me?

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    Ahh, realbasic, I use that sometimes, and all I need is the Language Reference in the help menu.
    It contains examples on almost everything in there.

    Just use it to read up on any function you are trying to use, and it should explain every way on using it, it also contains stuff on all the controls and such

    Also, noticed you use mac(userbar or what ever they are called) so are you using realbasic on your mac?

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    It’s a really rapid and awesome language. You can write superiour programs really fast.

    You know all people that talk about why you should develop in C++ while they write their faggotry blog entries about code standards. They are the ones that get paid 3000 per month to work on some boring crappy bank software (Office Space 1999-style) while throwing their life away on shiit. That is the typical professional programming, like programming massive 3G mobile phone networks, where your coding is so friggin negligible due to the size of the whole project, while it goes thru layers of error checking by other zombie programmers.

    REALBasic is one of the innovative languages that still enables you to make professional applications where you actually see the progress. It’s a bit too simple on many areas, and it’s a really slow language compared to other ones.

    * It’s for writing software not games.
    * The IDE is the best one around, but it takes heaps of memory.

    If you wonder anything specific, just ask and i’ll reply. I know this language very well.

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