Pros and Cons: Shifting toward game development for Android

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    Seeing all those epic Android games and those amazing earnings the authors get out there, it makes me pretty jealous that I’m not making any Android games. I mean, I might possess the right qualifications in order to start to make a living off my programming skills.

    I’m pretty good in Java and a bit less good in C++. I’m capable of creating art for my games since I’m very good at Photoshop and Illustrator.

    The big question here is: What else do I need to know in order to write Android apps first and then games? Do I need to know the Android API in & out? Do I need more than basic Java and C++ to create decent games such as Subway Surfers for example? Or Flappy Bird? They don’t seem extremely complex to me, even though I’m not capable of creating such a game (yet).

    Could someone give me a brief explanation on how game development for Android is like? And also some references/books/videos to start with Android development would be nice.

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    Like any extensive API you’re never going to learn the full library from memory; use Googles database as a reference. The idea is the most important part to any successful Application. Once you have a great idea write it down on paper set about how you’re going to translate it into code. Too many people get hooked up on the coding aspect.

    Don’t be afraid to copy other people’s ideas and put your own twist on them.

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