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    I’ve a bit of a problem with PHP and the interwebs is full of contradicting information.
    Basically, I want to summon a function that uses the values using a html button. I’ve found that you can have your server listening to a form with some buttons in it, but it still won’t work…
    Here’s my function:

    and here’s my form:

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    you put that php code as a function but you never actually call that function. Unless there is more code you didt post here. Try this:

    And make sure you clean anything that comes from user input. Although I have no clue what you will do with the data from the input, but its best to get the habit of closing security issues right away.

    Also… Input type “textbox”? O_o
    Use a text type or a textarea if you were aiming for a “textbox” and not a field.

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