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    Am doing a project on Library Management System on PHP and SQL.
    I have successfully done my pages for login, add book and delete book.

    I just don’t know how to put validation.

    Can someone please help me?





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    Have a read through this, it may help:

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    I very rarely give complete written solutions for people requiring help here. Other people can do, but I am against it, you learn a lot more by doing it yourself than copying/pasting completed code; I used to do that and I didn’t learn very much, once I started doing it myself I learnt a lot more. No pain no gain as the saying goes.

    Anyway, enough of that, can you paste your source/errors that you are getting? We can work through them and iron them out.

    Also, I can’t write your validation as it depends what validation you want to do.

    Try providing the following student name:

    You should really code this as

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