• Mobile apps programming language that does not need scripts

    Maxim6m0cj Member

    Looking at the net you can find lots of sites that “help” you create a mobile app, but they re so limited, you can only change a few backgrounds and icons and add some url.
    I want one where I can access the microphone and others.

    so you think ok: what if there s a programming language that works without coding to be the tool to get the job done.

    there is Kino for IOS but there is no documentation on how to get it.
    I’ve read that some JAVA provides a GUI interface for programming.

    I’m trying to find a way to get my concept Idea into a money making app
    and by the looks of things building it myself is an option ( I have tried submitting the Idea to several companies after signing an NDA). seems a big task m they said it should cost around 90 000 $.
    I ve no programming experience but I make pretty damn good algorithms.

    looking for help getting my app done.

  • Abhey Member

    Why not do it using PhoneGap (or Apache Cordova on which PhoneGap is based)?

    You create your app using HTML and CSS and JavaScript, and you can access all the features of the device too, e.g. camera, GPS, etc. That’s about as easy as it can be!

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