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    I’m currently trying to make an agenda from scratch as much as I can. I’ve made the calendar in JS, but I want to pass the date to a PHP function so that function can open the file that corresponds with the date picked in my calendar.

    The main idea is that you pick a date, and php opens the file and then checks what numbers are in the file,let’s say 10 and 13. Then it will make the row that corresponds with 10 and 13 gray and leaves the other ones (from 9 to 23) in white.

    If someone has an idea, please say so.

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    First, I’ll presume your setup is pretty standard, with a web server (e.g. Apache) accessed by a browser. What you have now is a JS setup that handles one part of the problem. The other part is handled by the server. So, my recommendation is that the JS calls XmlHttpRequest to a URL on your server which is you PHP code, passing whatever parameters are required, and the call replies with the content of the file. When this response is received, the JS can update the cells as you wish. I would recommend that you use JSON as your response from the server, since that’s much easier to manage from JS.

    This pattern is called REST, and there are a few common mistakes made by people when they first start writing this kind of code. The most common is to include the verb in the URL, something like myserver.com/getNumbers. Instead, it should be myserver.com/numbers, using HTTP GET. When adding to the file, use POST, for update use PUT and for removing use DELETE. Also, always sanitise the data going in *and* coming out.

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    What you could try is to add an alert in the displayContents method, alerting the readystate. Something like alert(reader.readyState); If the pop-up doesn’t show, the function doesn’t get called. If the readystate is not 4, something else is the matter, and the file can’t be loaded.

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