• Is 'Jumping into C++' a good book to begin with?

    GloriaFine Member

    Hello, I’m a C++ beginner with almost no programming knowledge, and I’m looking for a nice book to start learning.

    At first I thought ‘C++ Primer Plus’ was a good choice, since it has many reviewers in Amazon recommending it. Fortunately, I saw ACCU’s review, and realized it wasn’t the best choice. Then, I saw people recommending ‘C++ Primer’, but I’m not sure if it is really a good book for absolute beginners, like me. Finally, I found this book called ‘Jumping into C++’, by Alex Allain, but I’ve found no reviews of it, except for Amazon reviews, which I don’t wanna consider anymore.

    Is it a good book? Should I read it first, and then read C++ Primer, or go straight to C++ Primer? Is C++ Primer good for absolute beginners?

  • Adan Member

    I don’t know that book in particular, but I’ll reply anyway. In my opinion, there is no absolute best book to start learning. There are several good ones. There are even excellent sites that help you get started. Aiming for one book that has all the good treats with no flaws is a bit unrealistic.

    If you’re considering buying the book, I’d google for the best book if I were you, just to get some useful book titles on your mind. However, what is good for another person might not be tailored for you.

    Amazon reviews might or might not be useful/sincere. But the book descriptions always help you figure out at least the target public, the knowledge requirements and the topics covered by the book.

    I believe buying a book nowadays isn’t absolutely essential to learn something like C++ programming. Tutorials, lessons and references are already scattered all over the Internet.

    One more thing. If you’re just starting programming, many might consider C++ as a bad language to start with. Very, very complex! But it’s your choice

  • SapnaVishwas Member

    I read C++ Primer last semester for my programming course and it was actually my first book I’ve read on C++ prior to having any knowledge of it whatsoever, I wasn’t following the book so well being that I hated the professor and the professor made me just not want to program at all…

    But anyways now I’m reading C++ How to Program 7th Ed by deitel which you could find a pdf of online if you’re interested. But so far I’m enjoying the read, I will agree it’s very detailed and sometimes boring but it’s a nice refresher to refine what you know or what you think you know about C++ in general.

  • ShikhaTan Member

    C++ Primer Plus and C++ How to Program 7th are good books for introduction on C++. Personally, I like C++ Primer Plus more than C++ How To Program because it explain C++ in a good object oriented way. Like the other, C++ How To Program is just too boring for me too.

  • Adelaid Member

    Actually there are 2 routes to take:

    1. c -> c++ -> c# .NET
    2. java SE -> java EE

    Both have it’s advantages and disadvantages, but if you are new to the programming world java should be your choice not c++

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