• Is it possible to start Android programming on tablet ?

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    In the past I played around this java programming for minecraft and now am looking at programming for Android. For me the hardest part of starting anything like this is setting up the right environment I need… Lol. I play on doing this 100% from my android tablet and thus need apps.

    I found this great api (I think) but it is asking me my system build…what are grenle, maven, builder, etc? Is it just an IDE? Any recommendations for a good idea or api? Looking for a good java api that does what jQuery did for JavaScript..

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    Programming through a tablet is a very bad move. The standard Android development requires things that don’t exist on Android. If you want to program, you need a PC/laptop/Mac. A tablet/phone is not the right device. To program for Android you need Android Studio.
    What API is asking you for a system build?

    • Have you tried searching them(maven, builder) on Google?
    • What are you referring to by saying that is just an IDE?

    The standard library is enough for starting.

    Searching a library/framework before knowing what to do is totally senseless. First you need to know what to do and after this you need to search the specific library/framework.
    You are telling me that first you buy something totally random and then you decide what to do?

    If I buy a hammer but then decide that I need to cook a pie, what can I use it for?
    First you have an idea and then the realization. You can start by downloading Android Studio on your PC, searching what API, IDE mean and the difference between library and framework, searching what maven etc. etc. are and following a Java guide.

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    For Android there is a lack of a serious IDE and the lack of the advanced features present in it. You will have a lot of problems without having the right tools. An app made the right way, is not code only. There are other components to add and Android is not the best environment. If you plan getting serious about programming, you have to use a PC sadly.

    Technically an API is an Application Programming Interface: you have YouTube and it gives you some functions to get data. The set of those functions is the YouTube’s API.

    You have a laptop with Android? Are you sure that it’s not a tablet? What model do you have?
    AndroidKickStartR is not an API: the API is the interface that you will use, not the thing itself.

    Maven is a build tool: it’s a tool that will build the package and will deal with the dependencies. Thanks to Maven you need to, once the configuration has been provided, only press a button to start building your project. It’s not a compiler but it’s a tool telling how and what to compile to the real compiler.

    I don’t know it and couldn’t also find anything on the Internet.
    What builder are you referring to?

    The quantity may not be important as much as the quality: if you are mixing terminology then you have to learn. Core terminology should come natural.
    Tools are meant to be used for a task. To get the job done is not a precise task, so there is not a large choice of libraries and frameworks geared toward getting the job done. It all depends on the task. A good video library is not a good alarm clock.

    If you need to create a small game, what use will jsoup have? The search of libraries has sense if you know what to do. Java is not like JavaScript where there are frameworks that could be used for everything. In Java and the other programming languages, you find libraries with a task in mind, not the contrary.

    Yes, correct. The thing I was referring to was the API, that is the thing you got confused on.

    AIDE is the most acclaimed.

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