• I don't know which programming language should I use?

    Ganesh Member

    I want to create a website where people are able to register and have their own account and can interact.

    My knowledge of wed development isn’t that great or at least I don’t know where to start. I know HTML, CSS, PHP(very little) and MySQL( As far as web stuff goes). I also can do servlets and jsp.

    I created created some servlets where I was able to register. Just to test it out.

    My question is that Is that the best to approach this?
    Should I do everything using the MVC?! and let JSP and Servlets do all the work?

    or should I use HTML, CSS, and php? This is my first time trying to build a fully functional website from the ground up.

  • Amit Member

    Java for the web is dead, the industry don’t consider it at all. With HTML and PHP you have everything you need. CSS and JavaScript will also do it(especially JavaScript)

    You have two choices:
    1)Creating a site in HTML with PHP as a backend for the registration and the other scripting tasks
    2)Create the site with JavaScript as a backend

    To be serious about web you need to know both ways. In the last years server side JavaScript had a boom and so it’s client part usability. From relatively poor we are now rich of JavaScript solutions.

    The demand of people knowing JSP is very scarce compared to people knowing PHP and JavaScript so you should better focus on the last two.

    To create a registration form you need in no particular order:
    -HTML page with the forms
    -Username and password evaluator
    -Database interface

    Should have a column for username, one for password

    HTML page:
    user form
    password form
    password confirmation form
    login button
    register button

    fields evaluator:

    Database interfacer:
    login(user, password)

    This is only the start. We humans are not made to tackle big problems at one, we instead need to separate the problem in smaller parts and the task will seem a lot easier. Try to start from what I’ve read and try to make your draft.

  • Adelaid Member

    jQuery is good for what it does. While this is a good choice for production quality code, considering that you are learning, it would be better if you try to implement the jQuery’s feature you want, without using jQuery. In this way you will learn some really useful things and you will have the pleasure of not being a code monkey pasting only known solutions.

    Inventing the solution will teach you a lot. If you don’t feel like doing it by yourself, even using jQuery is a skill that is good to have. Reinventing the wheel it’s not always a good choice when you are doing production code. A library that was developed for 10 years will be surely better than something you can do in a few days; using other people code is something you must be able to do and something you will do a lot if you want this career.

    HTML and PHP will suffice, CSS and JavaScript, in your case, would be good additions. Maybe you won’t harness the power of CSS in this case but it will easier and speed up things in other situations.

    This is what you need:
    You should try doing it by reading the manual and trying to not rely too much on online tutorials. Getting used to manuals is very important.


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