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    I have a website with a lot of images, in kind of a tiled layout, it is a catalog of movies, each time a new movie comes up i update it, I also make the image a link to the IMDB review page. as you can imagine this is a lot of code, here is the code I am using:

    obviously I am using css, however I don’t think you need worry about that as my only issue is, I want to be able to use (ASP I THINK) in order to load multiple images just using that one piece of code.

    i think i may run into problems as i will also need a new IMDB link into the code, which has to be linked to the image obviously.

    i am in need of help because i have a catalog of around 200 movies, and recently i deleted around 175 of these code segments and accidentally saved it and have no way of retrieving a back up.

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    I would look into creating a CSV file of all the movies. So the CSV would be :
    movie_title, movie_image, movie_imdb_link

    Repeat a line like this for all 200 movies

    I’m a php developer so I would use that.. but it requires a server running php .. so might not be ideal but it then has a function ‘fgetcsv’.
    Which you can use something like:

    That’s one quick example – its all untested but should work.

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