How to develop game in C#

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    I’d like to develop a game for the PS Vita, I’m a total n00b and have tried reading stuff on C#, but none of its goin in my head. How long does it take to learn C# for game developing? How long would it take to develop a game (something like Angry Birds, for example)? As I’m starting from scratch and have no idea about game developing or these C# languages, should i give up on the idea of developing?

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    Well if you’re going to learn it all by yourself, it’s going to need quite some determination…

    Most people just think it’s really easy all and all but get very disappointed after like a week or 2-3 since they noticed they didn’t achieve what they wanted by far.

    It’ll take probably 2 years if you’re active and good at it.

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    Well first things first if you don’t want to or don’t feel like becoming a game programmer and like the game industry – you can always focus on game design. Without designers (and community) the balance of the games would easily fail (as it still happens here and there).

    Next, the effort and the prize depend on your personality. For example, I’ve never finished the games I had passion for when I started learning things about game development, but I’ve encountered number of problems and learned from each of them. If it’s about the destination in your case, I reckon you’ll die before getting there, if it’s about the journey then by all means, go for it.

    Back to your concept

    something like Angry Birds, for example

    Since it’s a 2D game that would shorten the time and decrease the number of potential bugs by a lot. I can’t recommend you anything for PSV because I’ve never tried developing for that platform, however I do have quite the list when it comes to C# OOP or C# Game development.

    For finale – in order to ignite the spark inside you and show you the easier and happier side of development, I advise you to give XNA studios a try. It’s Microsoft-developed plugin for .NET and it features support for Windows and Xbox games development. It’s by far the easiest IDE for starters.

    Let me draw your attention to this website:

    These tutorials are understandable and take around 2 hours to finish (certainly less than a day), but the greatest thing – YOU GET A FINISHED PLAYABLE GAME when you finish each of them! These games are probably not what you imagined but they show you the process of developing.

    NOTE: Bear in mind that the development in Riemers’ tutorials isn’t developing from scratch, as you use finished models, HLSL, and pre-built functions

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