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  • How to create App for Iphone I am newbie so where to start

    WinMan Member

    I don’t know anything about coding . But I really-really want to learn about programming and want to create my own apps for iphone.

    So where should I start? is it possible to learn myself? no need to get class for science computer?

  • SapnaVishwas Member

    You should start learning the basics of programming in a language agnostic way.
    This link has a collection of free resources, it also has a language agnostic section. It doesn’t need to be a language agnostic resource but if you are starting you need first to learn to think like a programmer. Choose something that is not too technical and that has all of the basic concepts covered(like loop, for, if, else, variables etc. etc.)


    The majority of the best programmer out there have studied nearly everything by themselves. If programming is the right thing for you, you don’t need a class. Maybe you will lose some time searching for the right sources, but if you will be patient and logical in the right way, you will surely make it.

    If you want a nice overview in a paid book that doesn’t get too technical you should read IOS programming: big nerd ranch guide.

  • Amit Member

    You will need to learn Objective C and Swift.


    The above should get you started. The only thing you need to become good at programming is practice, and yes there is a lot of maths in certain aspects of programming such as games development (vector maths, collisions, particle physics) but the majority doesn’t, at most maybe some simple sorting algorithms and knowledge of linked lists.

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