How to convert web application to desktop application

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    want to make a web app desktop app

    Is there any way I can run sandboxed server (only the app can use server) and place like firefox / chrome window to browse on top of it ? The server could be django, jetty or any other. Any idea ?

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    Are you looking to write a windows app from scratch or are you looking for an app to convert your web code into an exe?

    If you want a convertor then what language?

    eg. There are quite a few PHP to EXE…

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    Wow that actually exists, any general solution that works multi platform bro ? linux, windows, etc, and multi language too , python, java, etc.. ? thanks ; )

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    I haven’t seen one that does them all but they are available separately, python to exe, php to exe etc.
    They are designed to run whatever script you ask it to not run as a server environment

    For a full windows server environment then use something like easyphp or xampp but wont work as a standalone desktop app

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