• How to chnage direcotry permission with asp.net

    Amit Member

    How to chnage direcotry permission with asp.net

  • Adelaid Member

    i have on a code written for asp.net server to add a few words to a text file, but i’m not able to execute this code do you mean you can’t add more data to a text file? or that you cannot execute the text file?

    You have to change the permissions on that folder (ntfs permissions) and add the user that is the app pool identity and give it write permissions the normal permissions are only read/execute.

  • ShikhaTan Member

    i believe you can also add a ‘Web.config’ in a particular folder of your app. Scripts in that folder then run as the impersonated user

    i have a folder named ‘netw’ in which i have ashx and aspx files that access an internal file share, not normally available to the asp pool identity

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