How do I create mobile Applications? I'm a novice programmer.

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    I’m a novice programmer that can use Python, C and a little C++. Last semester, I had a great amount of experience working with C. This semester I have a class that surrounds itself around a project. My project is to create a mobile application. It’s going to be a very simple design, basically being a table of information that can be sorted and searched.

    Now, the problem that I have ran into is that I can’t find the best software to use. I really wish I could find software to program in just plain C for a mobile application, but it seems like it’s not possible. I believe that I might have to learn Java or HTML+CSS+Javascript.

    Could anyone give me some advice, tips, or a great place to start? If anyone reading this knows of a way to make a simple mobile application using C, I’d really appreciate the response.

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    For Ios you have to pay and use a virtual image of osx or have a mac. For android you have android studio and/or NDK.

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