Help Please! What language should I start [C++/Java/Other]?

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    I’ve got some questions that are crucial to me as far as what direction I’ll be heading in. I’m looking to start learning a programming language. I have a good understanding of logic, statements, and variables. I want to know if it would be better for me to learn C++ or Java first. Now here are the reasons I want to start programming. I’m looking to develop a strong skill set that would be useful in situations involving Hacking, Virus/Worms/Backdoors/ developing/ deciphering exploits and so on Also as far as white hat goes, which programming language is most profitable? Profitable in the sense of either freelance, career choice, versatility, demand in employment..etc.

    If I would want to pursue a position in the field of computer security private or military sector. What are some things I should be focusing on?

    I’m highly motivated and resourceful, but as far as where to start that’s where I’m a little stumped, any suggestions, advice, rants are appreciated and calculated.

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    For those purposes of yours I would highly recommend c/c++, after learning c/c++ it will be a piece of cake to learn java, c#, VB (these programming languages are often used for creating crypters, viruses).

    Without learning C or C++, you’re too far removed from the computer to really care or understand how the machine works.

    After c++ you can easily learn java, java is mainly influenced by c++ and it’s a simplified version of C++, you can pick it up in a week or so.Which means if you are good in c/c++ other programming languages will not be a problem for you.

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    Start with Algorithms and how to create a good flow chart, if you know what to do rest is just a words

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    Learn Linux if not already. It is one most important thing that a computer security specialist must learn.

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