• Guys I was now accepted to do a BASc in Computer Engineering

    Amit Member

    I am 28 years old and have been out of high school for a very long time its been a while since I did mathematics etc but I am prepared to do lots of it now having been given a second chance at life.

    Can you look at this link and tell me what you think?


    this is the Degree course I don’t know the difference between a Bsc and a BAsc though. Also does this course look good? can I be able to be a real Computer Engineer when I am done? like make stuff and program useful applications to make money etc?

    I am pretty excited having been accepted into this program which will start September.

    I certainly hope 28 years isn’t too old to get my life in order here, this will take me 4 and a half years but I am prepared and I really want to do this. I believe I would like to do the software engineering specialization over that of the networking. Seeing that IT jobs are so hard to find and everyone has net+ and MCSE certs it seems counter productive for me to do networking option in this when I could be focusing my time on the programming part, something very very very few people in my country posses.

    I am really so excited right now let me know what you guys think about this

    Its going to be really pride and joy to say I am a computer engineer or have a degree in Computer Engineering lol I have to work and study but I believe without a doubt I can do it.

    can you guys tell me what advantages I have over IT grads etc?

    any words of encouragement for me? I am really excited especially how my Job allows for lots of studies since I am there always just doing nothing but on my phone playing games I can put that time now to good use

    Ow and can I crate a game with this degree? what cool stuff can I do with this degree?

  • Adan Member

    I’ve never heard of a B.A.Sc., but the course looks promising just by looking at the module schedule.

    There are developers from all sorts of backgrounds in the industry – both young and old, graduates and some with only high school (and lots of experience).

    I think one important thing you need to know is that a degree won’t necessarily let you create games and cool stuff – it will only help you to understand and manage the processes involved in creating games and cool stuff. You could learn all the necessary stuff for free online, but unfortunately you mostly need an official qualification to do it as a career. The one cool thing you can do with this degree is mess around with electronics (by looking at the course content). Raspberry Pi, Arduino and similar boards are awesome for all sorts of cool projects.

    You’ll need to spend time learning a language or two (I see they do include object oriented languages in the course, but typically they don’t go into enough detail). Maybe contribute to an open source project.

  • Ganesh Member

    I have been looking at raspberry pi for a long time but never had an interest in investing in one because I was never in a program that would require such a device but now its very lucrative and I wanna have the best projects for school so I shall invest in this. I bet you can do all sorts of amazing things with that and Arduino as you said.

    I clicked on the sub link for the Object Oriented Programming and this is what it says, well I have a lot of faith in this university because its a state school and not those for profit scams it has a few private schools that offers Degrees here but they offer stuff that can’t even get you a good Job. But this is the most info I can get in these courses one girl said over the phone they teach us Java and C++ so I am going to start focusing on that from now so I can be ahead of most people when semester starts


    OBPR210B - Object-Oriented Programming: 6 Credits

    This course introduces the student to problem solving and object-oriented programming using Java with a strong emphasis on proper programme design. Topics include software development life cycle, object-oriented design concepts (e.g. classes, attributes, methods, inheritance, polymorphism), selection and repetition structures, libraries, arrays, strings and other advanced object-oriented concepts.

    and then there is this one

    PROG110B - Computer Programming I: 3 Credits

    This course deals with the fundamental elements of programming in the C/C+ environment. The basic principles of software engineering including structure decomposition, documentation, testing and debugging are discussed. Basic programme elements such as variable types, control structures (including sequence, decision making and looping), subroutines and functions are discussed. MATLAB is also introduced for the purpose of solving some intricate engineering problems. Exercises and assignments deal mainly with mathematical and engineering constructs.

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