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    I have done Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have good knowledge about C/C++ but want to get into web development.
    I am confused that from where should I start.
    One of my friend told me that I should have good understanding of HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. He also told me that it’s more important to be able to use frameworks like drupal, Joomla, etc as work is never done from scratch.

    Should I first study some books or start developing some project and learning functionality side by side? Please guide

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    Well you don’t need to use PHP. If you already know C/C++, then Java and the .NET (or as some friends refer to it, .NOTYET) languages should be easy to learn.

    If you do want to use PHP, then have a look at the LAMP stack – that’s Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. There’s a Windows alternative, but WAMP sounds dodgy.

    Look for LAMP tutorials online and take it from there.

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    Hello, I’m almost done with learning the basics of c++ and can do some programming with it, but I am as you also intrested in web development, so couple of days ago I found this book on net, Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS, 2nd Edition

    I’m planing to go through this book, so that I can get the insight on web development, and then later in case I need some more knoweldge then I will find some books separately only for PHP, Javascript, and others.

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    starts with HTML and CSS, there’s a lot of resources available online, mozilla mdn is quite helpful, also

    once you are comfortable with it, maybe you want to start adding some more interactivity in it, that’s when you learn about javascript and exposed to the framework such as jquery, prototype, mootools.

    then one day you might get bored, you want to create dynamic page, fancier stuff, so dwells into php and mysql. sky is the limit from now on.

    once you’ve gotten hold of the basic, you might as well explore interesting framework and cms out there

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    Member is a very good way to start. read EVERYTHING there. then you can use PHP or JSP (two very different technologies) to test out stuff and build web pages. If you choose JSPs, Google offers free hosting with Google AppEngine Smile

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