• Easy steps to learn C & C++ quickly

    Amit Member

    Hi guys i want to know is learning c & c++ easy cause i’m jobless dude & soon i’ll be homeless so i want to know is it easy for me to focus on learning that or just start doing some tutorial for 3ds max, photoshop & adobe after effect or should i start learn JAVA

  • BuckRenard Member

    First of all, don’t. become homeless. It’s a horribly difficult situation to get out of. So better to take a job, any job. Call centers are always looking for employees, though it does suck as a job. If you live in a relatively big city, bars are a good choice too.
    I the worst case, flip some hamburgers in your local mcdonald’s.

    About learning c and c++, if you’ve ever dabbled in any other programming language and you could handle it, learning those two won’t be to big of a problem. But as incognito said, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll find a job.

  • Adan Member

    You cant find a job worth working? Bro seriously you should be really happen to have a job even if it’s just low wage. It does help somewhat rather than 0 buck a day sitting at home. Plenty who cannot qualify for a job end up being homeless due to no relative or any help from others.

    Learning programing is easy if your into it. If you’re not into it of course you can still learn it but it wont take you to the next level as pay goes. Now learning C++ or any other language will cost you time and money which you don’t have. These days… people will hire someone who know a lots not just simple C++. DO like what most people do. Work odd jobs and go to school on free time. High paid job are not easy to get and require a lots of qualify things. Pick what you want to do then start building it up from scratch.

    I am currently having my own business bringing in around 4k+ a month. My uncle has his business and does the same thing. I helped him out after school when I was around 13 and started to get paid when I was about 16. Now Ill be turning 25 in a few months. Guess what? I still live with my parents and I loved it. I paid the mortgage and my other expenses but everything else in the house is free Smile

    I have good connections with my parents and relative so I cant speak for others but really… Whats so bad about living with your parents? Even tho your going to be homeless if you don’t…..

    Bottom line. I think you should sit down and think over what you want to do and going to do. Make plans and stick to it will go in a long run. Homeless can be easy said and done but making it out are a really tough road.

  • Adan Member

    Well what everyone said above is basically a waste of time, At the end of the day Learning something like a computer language all comes down to individual it’s a simple as that, the only way you are going to find out how difficult it is, is by trying to learn it!

    On top of all that what’s wrong with living with your parents, it’s great and a dam site cheaper than having your own place, and by the way you are talking best thing you can do, is take any reasonable job you can get, try learning the language you want to learn in your spare time and start saving up for a proper course, by which time you should already have knowledge and experience to make it a breeze, then plan and advance from there, something i have learned and am still learning in life is not everything just happens when you want it to, things take time thought and patients.

  • Ganesh Member

    Learning C++ is not easy at all if you don’t have a programming background with a simpler language based on C (Javascript or PHP for example). Knowing C++ very good can get you a job indeed, but the basic stuff, that’s the same as every programming language and pretty much everyone knows the basics. To get a very advanced C++ programmers, you’ll have to spend years learning and practicing, it’s not very easy; That’s wh it’s considered one of the best programming languages.

    If I were you I’d start learning more about HTML/CSS/Javascript/Wordpress and become a ThemeForest seller.

  • Adan Member

    I do programming for my job (mixed with 3D and other stuff) and despite having a few years of experience (mainly in C#) now, I would still struggle to find a programming-specific job. Most programming jobs, where I’m from at least, are looking for people with a lot more experience or at least a degree in Computer Science. If you just learn a bit of C and C++ on your own you would have to be very lucky to find a job.

    You can definitely learn this on the side while you are working another job, but do not hold off making money until you have a programming job – it will take you a long time to learn it to a reasonable level, and again you’d need some luck to get an entry level job in it.

    Also, getting a job in 3D/VFX is even harder as these jobs are less common. If anything, web and application programming is more common so look around on some job boards and see what languages/skills those types of jobs require.

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