• Drag drop module in Angular or JQuery? Which will work well ?

    SapnaVishwas Member

    Drag drop module in Angular or JQuery? Which will work well ?

  • SapnaVishwas Member

    I would stick with the traditional jQuery/jQueryUI maybe for the drag&drop list items.

    AngularJs seems too much for what you need, and AngularJsis coming out anyway 🙂
    If you want to go a bit fancier you could use ReactJS but only if you really want to spoil yourself with something new.

  • Adan Member

    AngularJs will leverage the power of jQuery if you use them together. I’ve looked at Angular a bit but my websites use jQuery, jQuery UI, and Bootstrap and I’ve found that combination to be extremely effective for me. If you do it right you can use all of them together.

    That way you can leverage the best of all worlds. Personally, I’d go with jQuery and Bootstrap for the community support and vast library of UI components pre-built for the platform.

  • ShikhaTan Member

    I would use which ever you can use right now. If there is a learning curve for angular and not for JQuery, I would use JQuery. There are plug ins for just about everything you would want, if you use 1.x works with older ie if you want lighter weight use 2.x.

    With JQuery UI you can certainly recreate any drag and drop function.

    I would also suggest using http://getboostrap.com for your core layout because it is a responsive grid.

    I have used both and and there is a good learning curve for angular and personally I was not keen on how everything had to be an app. The js library I am diving into next is react https://facebook.github.io/react/ and I am determined to make a sample app built to run on parse.

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