• Creating a SQL table and the relationships

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    need to create a db table that for a small hospital ( psychologist )
    CAn you advise me that which tables should i use , relationships

    -every doctor has different working hours.
    -when a patient came:
    name surname, id number(passport number), phone number and mail adres should be recorded.
    -also there will be a checkbox that the doctor knows the patient before (yes or no) .
    -Also another checkbox that categories like .. categories the problem like family problems, money problems, …can be add more.
    -result will be recorded.
    – also private button that if its click the conversions will not be seeing by other doctors in hospital if no it can be readable for all doctors.

    There will be admin ares to add, delete doctors, change passwords, and will need to be see the statistic meetings , patient, nationalities, doctors meeting statistic for week months, statistic of which doctors meet with patient that know before (from check box)

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