• Create dynamic array of arrays or list of lists in C#

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    In C# I am trying to create a array of arrays or it can be called as jagged array using XML data. But I am totally confused how to start

    name1 data1 newdata1 category1 name2 data2 newdata2 category2 name3 data3 newdata3 category2//same category as above ... ... name20 data20 newdata20 category16

    Now I need to create an array with category1, category2, … upto what the categories is there on Category Node, need to create a separate arrays of each category to store the item name and data so I can retrieve them for my use.

    From above sample xml I need the same category items in a single array

    Items and Category count is fully dynamic. How to do this dynamically?

    i just need the array like this

    input output
    a[0]= category1
    a[0][0]= name1
    a[0][0][0]= data1
    a[0][0][1]= newdata1
    it means the array should be build like the below

    how to do this programmatically
    and how to use that array data from another class
    or is there any way to create lists dynamically with dynamic name from xml

  • Abhey Member

    Multidimensional Arrays

    FYI a multidimensional array is probably not the best approach for this

    Try using a class which contains a List

    Create a Category and Item class
    Category class contains a List of Items


    Dictionary is also worth looking at:

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