• Create a mathematics program using Microsoft Visual Studio

    CarltonBirch Member

    I’m working on a small project which I want to create a mathematics program to help me out, it’s based on mathematics, I was thinking if I can create it using Microsoft Visual Studio

    This is how I want it to work,

    It must have 10 input boxes for me to input the numbers, each box contains two numbers, input numbers will be from 1 to 37

    After I have input the numbers into the 10 input boxes, it will generate a 10×10 grid of numbers by using this mathematics calculation method,

    For example, if I have input 12 and 27 into the first input box, it will calculate it as 27-12 = 15, if the answer is positive then always leave it as it is

    If the answer is negative for example, if I input 36 and 19, it will calculate it as 19-36 = -17, the answer is negative so it will need to add 37 to the answer which will be -17+37 = 20, so 20 will be the final answer

    For example in the screenshot, 21-15 = 6, the answer 6 will be placed in S1 column and 19 – 6 = 13, the answer 13 will be placed in S2 column, it’s always the bottom number minus the top number

  • ShikhaTan Member

    I don’t seem to get it. Where are you getting the number 37 from?

    This doesn’t seem as though it’ll be too hard to implement, all you’re really doing for the positive results is calculating the 2nd, 3rd… nth difference.

  • Abhey Member

    This should be pretty simple to create. What programming language are you using?

    I’ll see if I can write it up using C# quickly to give you an idea.

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