Compatibility issues with Net Framework 4.5 in Windows XP

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    I use Windows XP (because screw microsoft and their new lame OS) and lately i’ve discovered that i can’t install any games on my pc. I found out its because installing games now requires Net Framework 4.5, not 4.0 like i have installed. The problem is that Microsoft did not make 4.5 compatible to windows XP so now i’m stuck.

    Is there any solution? A way to trick it to install the games? Some way to make Net 4.5 compatible?

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    Windows XP looses support 8th April 2014, there is little hope latest versions of .NET being supported for XP.

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    There is no ‘tricking’. If an application/game is written using .net 4.5 components, then those components are required. You can’t just pretend you have it and it work.

    And as stated, support ends in April 2014, much, much later than they would normally support an OS. It’s time to suck it up and move on to Windows 8

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    Like they said, you can’t just trick your system. Well, you probably could trick the installer into it and actually get your games installed (if the installer itself doesn’t use .NET 4.5) – but little would it do, since the game would just plain crash on you and wouldn’t work even though you had it installed.

    It’s like lying at a job interview about a crucial skill, you can probably get the job with a lie clever enough – but when you actually need to use that crucial skill you’ll fail hard, because you just don’t have it.

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    Why not just shift to Windows 7 and be happy about it as it’s not much different than Windows XP. Other than that extended support last till 2020 for Windows 7.
    There’s always the Linux alternative to known as Ubuntu.

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