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    i really do not know how to come about this
    basically this is what i need to do, i dont need someone to do it for me
    i just need to be pointed in the right direction as to how to go about this
    really wish someone on here understands this better than i do and can explain it to me

    3. Teacher support smart playground area Subsystem functionality

    Interactive lesson
    This subsystem should have a learning support area to provide maths support for different topics in Maths. For example: Learning to count, Adding two numbers, Times tables, etc.
    The system should allow a teacher to create the lesson for a particular topic, which includes the following:

    The lesson title
    The lesson text

    A lesson can be associated with one or more topics.
    A child should be able to view all the lessons for a particular topic.

    Discussion board
    The discussion board should allow a child to post a question on the board.
    A teacher should be able to:

    Answer the question
    Delete the question
    Edit the question

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    Look into CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete ).
    It’s a functional approach to doing just what is asked of you.
    The basics are that you have a form and a database, really simple.

    You could have 3 tables in the database: Topics, Lessons and Questions. You could then have a “mapping” table to force the relationship between topics and lessons to be a “one-to-one” relation.
    Like this:
    C Programming lessons

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