C# Form Help Needed – Hotel Booking Form

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    C# Form Help Needed – Hotel Booking Form

    I Have two forms. These forms are for a theoretical hotel

    Form 1 – Booking Form

    This Is where the user inputs the date of arrival nights how many rooms and how many people are going.

    Form 2 – Personal Details

    Name of booker
    Post code

    Form 3 – The Receipt – The Printout screen

    All this information is outputted to.

    My job is to collect all the information from form 1 and 2 and have it print out in the fields in form 3

    How do i do this please?

    This is a group assignment and i was ill for a while. This work is due monday and I beg for your help!

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    Hi, You design the forms as per the instructions provided to you by the team leader. After finishing the UI, get the project files from rest of your team and add it into your project in which you’ve designed the UI for third form. Then finish the coding part which is of only displaying appropriate data along with some messages.

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    Save data from form 1 and form 2 in a database.
    In form 3’s onload function retrieve that necessary data from the database.

    If you need help further than this, please be more specific. If you want someone to do your homework then… good luck.

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    I would create streams for each form and write it all to file, create another read stream and read all data in file to later print it out in form 3 and lastly use System Diagnostics to create a cmd process with attributes to delete the written file.

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