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    Aleisha Member

    I have a couple algorithms in C++ and I would like to use the GPU to speed up the process at which they execute. If anyone here is good at CUDA, I would love to pick at your brain a little bit. The current algorithms are just console applications, there is no need for a GUI to them. I’m trying to do some sorts of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, so some string manipulation is necessary. Any advice at all would be great.

  • ShikhaTan Member

    I searched for CUDA today in programming section, and found a single post without any answers, i think its coz 2 years back nobody knew CUDA well.

    Did you developed some basic CUDA programming skills ? I am pursuing masters and want to analyse cuda’s performance by running a cryptographic algorithm on CPU as well as GPU. I need your help. Please reply.

  • Amit Member

    It’s still not as widely used as it should be. There are many benefits to using the gpu over the cpu. I did manage to figure out how to do what I trying to do before I made my post and if you’d like to PM me details on what you’re working on, I might be able to help a little. In the meantime, since you mentioned analyzing performance, here are some benchmarks:


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