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    I have been working as electronic engineer and I want to shift to web programming. I actually want to start my own web agency.

    I currently want to learn the following:

    1) Server – Web Server Administration – http, ftp, smtp protocols, web hosting, backups etc
    2) Linux
    3) Apache
    4) LAMP

    Could anybody please tell me which books I need to learn the above. I need beginner’s level books.

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    LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
    If you’re using windows look up WAMP

    For the basics, web tutorials are more than enough, hit the books for the intermediate stuff, and back to web for advanced/current stuff

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    I don’t know of any books, but I can give other advice.

    Find a cheap host that supports PHP and MySQL.

    Test out PHP software on there. Set things up, back them up, download the backups, delete them off the server, restore.
    Try different ways of backing different software up.

    As for learning to program, there are a bunch of resources out there, and even in this forum.

    Really, the best way I’ve found to learn how to administrate servers, is to actually administrate a server. Even if it’s your own linux box that you have nginx running on, that’s totally fine. Apache isn’t the only web server software out there.

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