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    Can anyone recommend an E-book/Website that’s great to learn HTML/PHP/CSS from? Starting from scratch, What have you read that is good?

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    For the basics go to:

    World Wide Web Consortium makes HTML standards, so they serve as the best reference for basic website functionality…

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    I personally learned CSS and JavaScript from this site:

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    Why do people always suggest the same website time and time again – yes, it’s useful as a reference, but that’s it. You certainly should not consider using it as your learning foundation. w3fools provides a pretty good explanation as to why.

    Also, please note W3Schools has IS NOT related to W3C! This is a common misconception!!!

    If you’re starting from scratch the best bet is to give yourself a task, you can read ebooks and watch youtube tutorials all day long, the only thing that happens is this “gibberish” will translate to nothing after a few weeks as it’ll be committed to short term memory only; programming is not something you pickup instantly.

    I would suggest setting yourself a task by pretending you’re a client:

    “I would like a website with a gradient background of your choice, with a nice rounded-border navigation menu with a basic content area and a twitter feed to show latest tweets”.

    That way, you can relate to it as a real-world problem, and as you try to figure these things out, you’ll find yourself naturally asking Google “hey – how do I do this?” and yes, you may come across W3schools which is okay, but try to consult other resources too and not just “the first link” you find that Google provides.

    For php, create the design and set yourself another task: “also, I would like to be able to create/delete blog posts on a separate page for my readers to view and comment on”.

    After this project is complete, you should leave with a better skill set than before you started – good luck!

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    for learning PHP, I would sincerely recommend PHP 5 Unleashed by John C Coggeshall

    for Html and Css, Head First HTML with Css and XHTML.

    Those were the books and here are some useful links :

    Tutorials for HTML and CSS :

    Tutorials for JavaScript :

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