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    Hi.I have learned the basics of C++.Now i want to move to GUI programming.Can you tell me what i need to know before developing GUI applications.Also what libraries do i need.Can i develop using Visual C++ .NET or using libraries such as Qt,GTK+,wxWidgets etc.

    Also,can you tell me of a website where there are c++ projects ideas and exercises so i can test my C++ knowledge.

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    There are many ways to GUI programming Via C++ !!

    1- WinAPI the Main API and it’s really really painful
    2- You Can use the .Net Platform C++/CLI and this means new syntax
    3- 3rd Party Library Like QT (Easier , Cross platform and you will use the Native C++) Or Wxwidgets But I didn’t try it
    4- MFC ( Microsoft Foundation Classes ) It’s kinda a wrapped WINAPI (Less Code than WInAPI)
    Finally I believe using QT is the best !! Because WinAPI / C++/ClI – MFC Is only for Windows platform !!

    QT is really Easy and it supports visual designer

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    I suggest you read/have a look at books like:

    Effective C++
    Effective STL
    Exceptional C++
    Exceptional C++ Style
    Modern C++ Design

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