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    If your its not too much trouble can you help me with my coding. Basically what I’m trying to do is to create a cinema application which allows customers to choose the available list of films.

    Also each film list should include film title, description, dates of showing (links) and each link should show the times for the particular date.

    Once the showing is selected the users should be able to select where they want to sit from the GUI.

    Results should be displayed (dates,times and selected seats) submit button added which says “Your details have been submitted to us”.

    Ok a bit of a mouth full the way I would execute this is I want all this is in one page and the GUI to show in a pop up window the results should be displayed and a message saying “your details have been sent to us thank you.”

    What I’ve done so far is made the tables called “listing” with columns “ID, Film Title, Description, Showing Dates” and the table called “times” with columns “ID, times”.

    So far I’ve used grid view to allowed the user to select one row from listings table and in turn the times table would pop up and show the available times for that date by using a simple where clause. However in the listings table how do I just make it show the date only its coming up with the date and time, and in the times table how do I make it only show the time its again coming up with the date and time. Also I need to hyperlink the 2nd column in the times table to a pop window where my GUI will be displayed.

    And lastly I have no idea on how to create the seating GUI that allows the use to select what seats they want to book and then display all the results (dates,times and selected seats) and allow a submit button to show “You details have been submitted.” I just need a simple GUI not an impressive one.

    Im working in C#

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