Android Program: Reads jpegs from gallery & displays on the screen

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    I am have currently got this very small android program which reads jpegs from the gallery and displays in on the screen. This is all good but i wanted to implement a class or method by which every time the application is run, it will send the images it reads to a gmail account hardcoded into the application.

    I have been doing some research on using smtp connections and came accross the code below, after days of trying i still am having problems implementing it onto my existing code for the application.

    I am fairly new to android programming so i just need some pointers if anyone has ever done anything like this before or has any ideas on how to implement email to run in the background of the application or any ideas on how i can go about this any feed back is appreciated so please feel free.

    Below is the smtp code i found during my research.

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    Android doesn’t have the javax.mail package, so that class is completely useless. See
    on an example on how to send email.

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