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    hi i’d like to know what programs are needed for coding games and apps for iphone/droid.

    i’m having a lot and let me tell you a lot of trouble finding a job, and i’m gonna try for droid apps (free but with ad-sense because that seems to be the most profitable) i have a lot of great ideas for games and apps alike and nothing but time to get it done, plus i’m really smart on picking up anything to do with computers (besides c++ its a little tricky to understand but i could if i worked at it)

    i’ve done a little research but i’d like to hear from someone who has experience.

    I was wondering which program i should get to do it (like adobe dreamweaver for example) i do however expect to make a little money i have marketing abilities and one of a kind ideas if i can just get them from my head onto disk and spread the word, (along with having a lot of them) i think i could at least pay bills. also are there no concerns for copyrights so i don’t have to worry about someone selling my apps as their own?

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    To summarize: you have little programming experience and you want to know which OS would be best to develop games for and how to do it?

    • iOS costs money just to start. Android does not.
    • iOS is done in C. Android is typically Java.
    • Legal issues should not be a concern as long as you don’t steal an existing product.
    • Don’t expect to be churning out big money makers in a few months. There’s a ton to learn and a ton of competition from companies (yes, companies, not just individuals) that are already well ahead of you.
    • Work hard, do what you enjoy and you’ll eventually profit.

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