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    So i’m making an app, and just wondering about the best way to do some things (as i’ll probably massively over complicate the task, when there is a much easier way about it).

    So basically it’s an app for a small charity organization, and it needs the following:

    News feed, send user to their facebook page, a small directory of numbers/addresses, and a link to their shop.

    so for the news feed i was going to take in their RSS feed (they have their own), and display it from that. shouldn’t be too hard.

    for the facebook bit, it’ll just check to see if the facebook app is installed, if yes then open app to org. page, else open in browser.

    this is the toughest bit i think, the phonebook directory;

    So it’ll be a small drop down box, select location (there are multiple offices) which will then show Address, phone number, email, and openign hours.

    I’ll have to write this all in a small SQLite database, and call up the info as needed…i think?

    And as for the shop….well any idea’s welcome.

    they have a web shop, on their own website, so maybe open it in the phones browser?…or can i open it within the app itself?

    I’m by no means a great coder, but i know a few things, and have already got most of the app design set up (splash screen, buttons etc.) I’m pretty much learning as I’m doing.

    i know i’ve asked a lot, so any help would really be appreciated.

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    hat all seems pretty good and definitely achievable. If the shop is static, you could encode it on the device; if it’s dynamic, I suggest just using the web site. Of course you could create a hybrid app – have a look at PhoneGap which will work on multiple mobile platforms, including Android and iOS – that way you get your app for free everywhere once you write it once.

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