• AJAX programming: How to start starting

    LowellFeierabend Member

    Because of a school project we need to make a website. Now to gain extra points we need to add some AJAX into our site, and I’ve looked around on YouTube mostly (not advertising here if someone’s thinking that) but haven’t found any real good tutorial on it.

    My question: do any of you know a good website/video to learn in from? Since I’m quite short on time (it’s due 22nd February and we got this assignment last week) I’d like to visually see what people do so it’s easier to understand

  • SapnaVishwas Member

    Use jQuery (JavaScript library) as it has an awesome ajax handler which you might like:

    $.ajax("url", {"options"}, function(data) {
    //do something with data.

    Search that site for ajax – it’s a really decent site to learn from! Razz

    Also, bare in mind that article may be old and things might have changed, but the core principles will be the same.

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