What is the Use of Zlib in Node.js?

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What is the Use of Zlib in Node.js?

Are you familiar with data compression software? Aside from Zlib, there is zip and gzip. Although based on the same concept, zip is for archive formats, gzip is used for single data compression files while Zlib is a library for decompression and DEFLATE compression files found in platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux, and iOS. In a nutshell, it is the preferred choice for data storage and transmission especially with HTTP transactions.

The question is: why compress your programming data files? With compression you reduce the bits needed to present your data. When you are able to reduce the data, you save storage space, improve data speed transfers, and save money on storage hardware and bandwidth.

More specifically, by opting to use Zlib, you can:

  • Prevent duplication and redundancy
  • Enjoy lossless compression and be able to restore your files without losing data

What is the use of Zlib in Node.js?

When using Node.js you can expect to have to make changes and /or additions to your work. Compression using Zlib is critical if you want to avoid having to rebuild past work every time you have to add something new. In addition, by using Zlib, you don’t consume a lot of memory. You can also use the compression software to keep data files in your memory and compress smaller files rather than requesting HTTP again and again.

The Zlib algorithm can also be customized so you are able to “stop and resume” easily. In short, the using Zlib is a one-step compression process which is important when you are in the zone and in the midst of creating your program. Moreover, the Zlib module is a stable tool and can be depended upon which means you are able to protect your application source code.

Finally, although Zlib can present bumps in its application, the web is full of experts willing to step in and give you sound and helpful advice on how to fix errors, find modules, make suggestions, and manage the software so you become more efficient in creating your program.

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