Node.js and Its Basis in Single-Threaded Architecture

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Operating in the computer world requires a lot of adaptability and quick thinking. Anybody who has spent time in coding can tell you that a programmer is a linguist, and their expertise lie in programming languages. One of the newer languages to emerge in recent years is Node.js. Node.js primarily is a server-side solution for JavaScript, and will respond to HTTP requests. Still, even the concept of server-side solutions aren’t exactly new, so what makes Node.js stand out particularly? Well, it really has do to with their single-threaded architecture, and what advantage this has.

The Traditional Process: When most web applications received HTTP requests, these servers would take these requests and respond to them. Easy, right? However, web applications often deal with simultaneous requests, and operate based on this using multi-threaded architecture. The more requests being sent, the longer wait time for clients.

The New Way: Node.js does not work this way. Instead of creating more and more loops every single time they get simultaneous requests, Node.js doesn’t need to do this with their single-threaded architecture. The advantages of this new way are that Node.js is able to handle parallel requests much easier and more quickly than the traditional way. This technique also doesn’t utilize as much memory or resources in the server.

Disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that although single-threaded architecture does not use as much resources or memory, the server will also receive a larger amount of requests. This may not create more threads, but it can be taxing.
Conclusion: Node.js is still relatively new in the computer world, but using single-threaded architecture may be one of their best moves. When it comes to dealing with a lot at the same time, Node.js has got it covered. Their technique will not only expedite client requests, but also ensure a lesser amount of memory is taken up.

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