Post Office Management System VB Project

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Post Office Management System is a software application developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access database. The implementation of this system in postal department improves the process of work and manages work more effectively. It makes it easier to handle post details, money order details, sales and bills, subscriber details, and much more.

The complete source code, project report, and documentation of POMS are available in the download link below. Here, the project has been briefly introduced with modules, system specification, and a few screenshots. You can refer this description as abstract of this project.

Download Post Office Management System VB Project with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Post Office Management System VB Project with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


About Post Office Management System:

Visual Basic 6.0 was chosen for front-end design of this software as it allows creating object-oriented application. VB 6.0 mainly focuses on Internet development features, Active X technology, enhanced features of existing control, client-server, data access, enhanced controls, design enhancements, and new language features cum development.

Existing System:

The current system of Postal service and management is not advanced as it does not contain courier transactions. There’s no computerized maintenance for the details of transactions such as money order, speed post, register post, transaction saving, recurring bank transactions, etc. This system is very uneconomical, unreliable, and insecure.

Proposed System:

The proposed post office management software application makes the management and operational procedures easy in a postal office/department. With this system, details such as post, money order, subscriber, sales, bills, etc. can be easily managed and controlled via the main menu of the software.

There’s provision for addition and deletion of customers. This application also allows you to view that proper filling system has been adopted to slate data for future. It can, overall, provide users timely information whenever required and make better management described at appropriate time.

Modules Overview:

Post office management system is a six-modules project (it contains six parts):

  • Sales details: This modules consists of various other forms such as postcards and stamps. The various types of postcards are envelop, printed cards, competition postcard, etc. along with their amount. Stamp costs of around 1 to 50 are sold in the proposed system.
  • Register post: This module is a form containing the postage to where it is to be delivered. It contains the sender address, receiver address, acknowledgement, commission, and weightage.
  • Speed post: This module is very similar to register post. It contains information such as sender address, receiver address, acknowledgement, commission, and weightage. The extra amount will be taken for urgent postage.
  • Money order: This form contains details of the person to whom money is to be sent. It additionally contains the sender address and the amount of transaction.
  • Money savings: This module contains details and information regarding various types of savings like short-term saving, long-term saving, etc.
  • Reports: Periodic reports can be generated from the main menu of the application containing various details.


Register Post
Money Order

System Specification:

Hardware Configuration:

  • An IBM personal computer or a close preferably Pentium 233 MHz.
  • An SVGA or better Display System.
  • 32 MB of variable memory.
  • 256 KB of external Cache Memory.
  • A 3.5” 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive.
  • A 4.3 GB Hard Disk.
  • An Inkjet or Dot Matrix Printer.
  • A Microsoft mouse or a compatible pointing device.

Software Configuration:

  • GUI                             : Visual Basic 6.0
  • Operating System    : Windows 98
  • Back-end                   : MS-Access

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The proposed Post Office Management System can be further updated and modified as per user requirements in future. The system is currently very simple and with limited features. A future enhancement for example would be adding a new module that would allow the vendor to the post office system.

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