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Developed using PHP and MySQL, this online university management system comes under the category of network-based application and management software. This project can handle the whole operations and activities of a university. It provides features to maintain records of students, teachers, departments, faculties, and courses with all their required details.

You can download the complete source code, project files, and project abstract of this project from the link below. The documentation, project report, and ppt are not with us at the moment, so a brief overview of the project has been presented here which you can use as project synopsis.

Download Online University Management System Project in PHP with Source Code and Project Abstract


Download Online University Management System Project in PHP with Source Code and Project Abstract


About Online University Management System:

University management system is developed as a web-based application using PHP for front-end design and MySQL for database storage at the back-end. It is based on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) technology, and can be run on any network environment, hence it is called a network application.

Existing System:

The existing system for university management is very manual, requiring a lot of human resource and paper work. Records of students, teachers, departments, faculties, courses, etc. are maintained using register, which is a very tedious task. Even though some big universities use computerized system, it is not advanced and cannot meet the current user requirements.

Proposed System:

The proposed application can manage and handle all the activities and operations of departments and faculties, subjects and courses, students and teachers, and of the whole university as a whole. Besides records of these things, it additionally facilitates generation of test results of students related to a particular subject and department.

The system is very secure as it features user-login panel. Only registered users can use this system by logging in. The graphical interface of the system is nice and the application is very user-friendly for a person with basic knowledge of computer to handle.


The main objective of the proposed university management system is to computerize the existing system and reduce manpower and time consumption. It provides the following features:

  • maintain information of students and teachers
  • generate test results and students’ score related to respective subject and department
  • reduce error in data management
  • centralized database management
  • easy and user-friendly interface for the operator of the system
  • reduce paper work and time consumption
  • computerize the entire activities and operations

Tools/Platform Used:

  • PHP for front-end
  • MySQL for database storage as back-end

Modules Overview:

Here’s a brief introduction to the modules used in university management system:

  1. Student: This module manages, stores, and retrieves student record and information. It includes student record and forms such as information add, view, modify, update, and delete.
  2. Teacher: This module handles storage and maintenance of teacher information. The forms here include add/entry, view, modify, and delete.
  3. Department: The students, teachers, subjects, and students’ score are categorized and managed by this module. It provides search feature as well, so it is very user-friendly and easily identifiable.
  4. Subject and Score: Using this module, the operator can add student name, subject name, and the score obtained in either mid-term or end-term tests. Also, students can be notified of the score they obtained.
  5. Users: This modules is for admin to signup and manage the application. Admins can manage all aforementioned modules.

System Requirements:

Hardware Specification:

  • Processor Pentium-II or higher
  • Processor Speed 533 MHZ
  • Hard Disk Space 20 GB (min)
  • Ram Memory 32 MB (64 MB recommended)

Software Specification:

  • Operating System Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Database Server MySql
  • Front end PHP


The project titled “Online University Management System” can be adopted by any university or similar institution to meet their current management demand with the features presented here. The system is very easy to use, economic, reliable, and flexible. Operators can easily add new features, modules, forms, and components as per university requirement in future.

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