Factory Information Management System ASP.NET Project

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Factory information management system, originally developed as factory statistics system or factory statistics information system, is a web-based tool for effective management and handling of various operations in a factory or industry.

This project is focused on maintaining the whole database of factories that include the details of employees, diseases and poisoning, accidents occurred, safety measured adopted, inspections carried out, and many more. The proposed system monitors implementation of Factories Act in a specific location (Goa) and produces statistical reports based on the functioning of factories in that place.

Factory management system is developed using ASP.NET and C#.NET and SQL Server 2000. You can download the complete source code, documentation, project report, database files, backup files, and other necessary project files from the download link below.

Factory Information Management System in ASP.NET with Source Code Database, Project Report and Documentation


Factory Information Management System in ASP.NET with Source Code, Database, Project Report and Documentation


About Factory Information Management System Project:

Existing System:

In the current/existing factory statistics system, monitoring the stock levels is a tedious task. It is very time consuming to manage the necessary activity schedule of various operation and maintenance works in the factory.

Additionally, it is difficult to calculate or keep track of the amount of work done, make records of accidents and inspections, and retrieve previous records. The existing system is very costly and time consuming, so computerization is inevitable.

Proposed System:

The proposed factory info management project maintains all the necessary activity schedule of various operation cum maintenance tasks in different departments of the factory. It keeps track of maintenance activities, accidents occurred, diseases and poisoning, inspections, etc. This platform provides a suitable platform to add, edit, query, prioritize, and delete the maintenance works.

The information stored and managed by this FMS project are:

  • List of factories registered with total workers employed in each factory
  • List of factories carrying out dangerous operations/processes
  • Statement of fatal and non-fatal accidents in factories
  • Statement of accidents by causes, age, and sex
  • List of number of cases of diseases and poisoning
  • Statement of inspections carried out
  • List facilities available in the factory such as canteen, rest room, ambulance, etc.

The system input requirements include the following:

  1. Details of factory registration, closing, and removal
  2. Notices of accidents
  3. Disease and poisoning cases
  4. Convictions
  5. Inspections carried out
  6. Details of annual returns
  7. Details of half-yearly returns

Modules Used in FMS:

Factory information management system is a 3-modules project: administrator, reports, and factory information.

The administration module deals with registering the director or admin so that they can process and update the factory info regularly into the system database. Its sub-modules include registration, factories list, and add or remove factories.

Reports module assists in preparing detailed statistical reports of the factory based on the performance level or time period and profit-based charts. (The information stored/reported is already aforementioned.)

The last module, factory information is the main module of FMS. It maintains all information of factory such as profit and loss, shares info, and many more. Its sub-modules are details of annual returns, details of half-yearly returns, convictions, and inspections carried out at different factories.


Factory Registration
Adding Factory Accidents and Inspections
List of Factories

System Environment:

Hardware Specification:

  • Pentium-IV Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 512 KB cache memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft compatible 101 or more keyboard

Software Specification:

  • Operating System :              Windows XP
  • Programming  language:   C#
  • Web-Technology:                ASP.NET 2.0
  • Back-End:                             SQL SERVER 2005
  • Web Server:                          IIS

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This factory information management system (factory statistics .net project) is developed in such a way that future modifications can be done easily. A searching option could be added such that one can directly search to the particular product factory from this site.

It has been noted that automation of the entire FMS system improves efficiency, providing a more user-friendly graphical interface. Currently the system gives access to all authorized users and effectively overcomes the delay in communications. System security, data security, and reliability are all very good.

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