Web Hosting using PHP-MySQL

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WebHost is a web application based on Web Hosting. It is developed using PHP for front-end and MySQL for database storage at the back-end. This system allows a webmaster to host a website where users can sign up to build websites of their own free of charge.

The complete source code and necessary project files of WebHost is available in the download link below. There’s also a document file consisting of installation instructions to properly setup and run this project. The project documentation and report are not available with us at the moment, so you can refer the description provided below as project abstract.

Download Web Hosting using PHP-MySQL with Source Code and Installation Instructions


Download Web Hosting using PHP-MySQL with Source Code and Installation Instructions


Web Hosting Project Abstract:

Developed using PHP and MySQL, this WebHost application provides a simple web hosting solution that is suited to anyone’s needs. With this application, any webmaster can host a website and users can sign up to make websites of their own for no charge.

Additionally, this system is suited to track clients and support requests, orders, and invoices. Although it is a simple web hosting solution application, it performs various other tasks not found in common packages.

The common features of the WebHost includes CMS functions such as articles, content pages, site search, contact forms, FAQ section, and a lot more. It also provides an admin-defined side menu columns which can be customized down to the individual link for access by clients as well as the admin.

Steps to Setup Web Hosting Project:

  • To run this project, upload everything in the WebHost file directory to your host server. Note: keep the same directory structure that it came with.
  • Allow and set the following permissions:
    -> chmod 777 webhost (this is the root directory of WebHost)
    -> chmod 777 includes (this is the includes directory in the WebHost directory)
  • Then, open up a web browser to the website where WebHost will be and go to the first_run.php page: www.your_domain.com/first_run.php.
    For the next steps, the installation wizard will guide you.
  • After you’re finished with the wizard, rename first_run.php to first_run.php.bak so that no one can execute it again. During this step, you may as well move it to a directory out of the public internet directory for extra security.
  • If you need to reconfigure  WebHost again, just copy first_run.php.bak back to the WebHost root directory and rename it back to first_run.php.

Note: first_run.php is used for installing Web Hosting Project on web server. If you’re using localhost on your computer, you don’t need to rename it.

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This application provides just a simple web hosting solution. New features, forms, and CMS functions can be easily coded and added as per user requirements in future. If you need any help to setup this project, mention your queries in the comments section.

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