Student Result Automation Android Project

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Student Result Automation system is an android application developed to automate result publishing procedure of student. The main aim of the application is to help the school or university exam officials in evaluation of students and disclosure of result. It links the android to database MySQL using PHP programing language. The application is installable only in the android operating system devices.

Below, I have briefly introduced the features and scopes of android student result automation system.  You can download the full source code of the project along with PHP file and database from the download links given in the post. Detailed installation instruction about the project can be found in a text file named process.txt, is included in download file.

Download Student Result Automation Android Project  with Source Code


Download Student Result Automation Android Project with Source Code


Student Result Automation Project Abstract:

Result automation for android is an educational app that can be used by exam official to manipulate result and by student to view their progress report. The application needs internet service for better function. It utilizes the MySQL database along with the PHP programming language.

Formal examination system is the most widely accepted means of evaluation of modern education system. Every University, Poly Technical Institute or school organizes examination at end of semester or academic session. After taking the examination, it becomes a cumbersome task to publish the result using manual existing system of result publishing.

Error-free and quick result is the right of students of all levels. Manual manipulation of exam paper and then entry of marks takes long time to prepare the result. Further, there is higher chance of occurrence of error. In order to overcome these drawbacks of traditional system, this android app has been developed. It is faster, accurate and efficient with the aid of modern automation technology.

Android operating system devices are most widely used devices all over the world. Starting from cell phones, android operating system has been designed for tablets, PCs and other devices as well. Android device, being more portable and flexible, can be used as educational tools. So, in order to enhance and automate the result disclosure process, Android Student Result Automation system is proposed, and it has a good future scope.


  • The project easily automates the student result manipulation process.
  • During process of automation, it connects android to MySQL database using PHP.
  • The project is an excellent example to learn updating current activity in android.
  • Student can check their result by entering roll number, enrollment, and semester.
  • It is the fast, accurate, and reliable system of result viewing and publishing.

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This Student Result Automation Project is an android app which can help in easy and fast result browsing from the database. See detailed installation instruction of this project in the downloaded file. The source code is complete, and the project is error-free.

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  • Sir your tutorial is good but one problem i want to Database file.Database connectivity code is i understand but what are the fields are using to MySQL database please give me to Your Database backup. the backup will help for me to connect the Application to my local system thank you

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