Knowledge Exchange System in ASP and VBScript

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The project is made as a website portal with ASP as server side script instrument and HTML and VBScript as customer side script with i.e. Netscape and web program. The entry is introduced and blueprints in Internet Information Server.

Knowledge Exchange System is an online website application meander, with direct environment, to give particular learning exchange between different sections at creative specialists over the globe with the objective of association.

Existing system for learning exchange

The Business Consumer class has grown inconceivably with the system of the World Wide Web. There are right off the bat particular ecommerce business application running all around all through the Internet offering differing association like get prepared, learning exchange , offering of client things, and web managing a record operaion etc. When we consider ecommerce, every one of the cases that in a brief instant show up are ones like or This can be termed as instances of the Business to Consumer e commerce class.

E-trade permits each client to pursue down the required things or associations, watch what every supplier passes on to the table wherever on the planet. Other than the extraordinary decision open to a client, he can advantage of this without leaving his home Or office at whatever point.

Knowledge Exchange System in ASP and VBScript


Proposed system for knowledge exchange system

The on line Smart Knowledge Provider site is made in the period of beginning late getting more pervasive Microsoft .Net environment. The database of the framework is made with Oracle 8.0 and the server side scripting is finished with Microsoft .ASP pack. The presentation Layer is done utilizing HTML and its structures. The customer information affirmation is done with VBScript. The target of the Project is to give the masters, Students, working powers and each one who is completely intrigued to secure information and arranging particularly field as on there wherever they are through web. This would permit each one to save their own specific settlement and offer of learning with clearing get-together of experts and authorities moreover with the youthful willing particular specialists

Modules for Knowledge Exchange System:

  • Form enrollment
  • User unassuming parts
  • Group unassuming parts
  • New Bulletin
  • Query Transaction
  • Daily News Maintenance
  • Security Authentication

Module brightening:

Structure enrollment

Events customer can transform into a person from the passage by mean of registry themselves into one or more social occasions outfit with the door. The structure enlistment keeps up the check of each and every customer groups and furthermore the customer.

Customer Details

This a segment of module keeps up the customer unpretentious components , with reject OT their social occasions surroundings , their particular capacity , ability , task , if at all association working et cetera.,

Cluster Details

This a part of module keeps up the c , vb , prophet programming informations , limits , operations , et cetera customer can enroll their name may in c or vb or prophet or both . customer can clear thir debuts in any get-togethers.

New Bulletin

This is the module which goes about as central part of the errand . it contains step by step news ( both specialized and general ) , inquiry part which sent by customer’s of the social affair , comprehended queries with answers , unsolved queries part , etc,.

Question Transaction

Trade of inquiry between customer and discharge , and response back to the customer are passed on by the module the trade is done online to the chief where by the specific is checked and cure response would sent back to the specific customer furthermore to the new declaration.

Consistently News Maintenance

News are online in nature which irregularly changes and even the constancy is the attempted . along these lines the news appeared in the notification was previously avowed about is truthness included . dynamic changes are similarly reflected by technique for overhauling the server customer every so often.

Security Authentication

Authenticity of the customer is upkeep technique for customer id and mystery word , other acknowledgment like social affair reference, cover group trades are done by means admite provide for the portal.

Download source code for Knowledge Exchange System in ASP and VBScript


Knowledge Exchange System in ASP and VBScript


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