Customer Relationship Management System ASP.NET Project

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Many companies and enterprises need to develop a good customer relationship environment in their firm so as to provide a better service. As companies cannot stay isolated from customers in this world of internet and technology, a computerized software to handle customer relationship is mandatory.

The complete source code, database files, and other necessary project files of customer relationship management system can be accessed from the download link below. The project report, documentation, and ppt are not available at the moment; if found, they will be added in the download file. Refer the description below to know about the project abstract and modules.

Download Customer Relationship Management System Project in ASP.NET in ASP.NET with Source Code & Database


Download Customer Relationship Management System Project in ASP.NET in ASP.NET with Source Code & Database


Customer Relationship Management Project Abstract:

In the current market, technology and web are the best sources to develop and maintain efficient customer service and care. This project is designed to provide a computerized, web-based customer relationship management in various product based firms and companies.

Modules Used:

There are four modules which make up this web application. They include admin module, employee module, customer module and Operation MGR module. Each module is assigned with different tasks and features to cover different aspects of customer relationship in the company.

Through the admin module, the admin of the application can log in to the system with a valid username and password to access the different features of the application. This module handles and manages employee information, employee payrolls details, generating crystal reports, and many more.

The customer module is assigned with handling customer log in or registration details, customer queries, customer requests, etc. This module along with the employee module require a valid log in info (username and password to access the system. The employee module works with employee details, employee payroll information, viewing customer queries and employee crystal reports.

The last module, operation MGR module includes operation MGR crystal report, operation MGR main, operation MGR query, scheme and view scheme.

The software requirements for the overall project include Microsoft .NET programming and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

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Customer Relationship Management system provides a more effective and efficient customer satisfaction, care and relationship between various departments and branches of company management, employees and customers.

CRM proves to be economical in the long run, so the scope of this project is good. Flexibility is a key feature of this project, which allows new modules cum features to be incorporated into the system as per the user requirements.

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