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Bug Tracking System is a web application developed in JAVA programming language for software companies. The main aim of the project is to manage the errors or bugs occur during software development phase and cycle. After the implementation of this project, the employees can update the issue details, solve issues and update the system from any location with internet access.

Below I have briefly introduced the features, abstract and modules of this Java project on Bug Tracking System. You can download the full source code, project report, documentation and paper presentation along with other necessary files from the links given in the post. The source code of the project can be used as an academic project or as a reference to develop tracking software in Java.

Download Bug Tracking System Java Project with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation and PPT


Download Bug Tracking System Project in Java with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation and ppt


Bug Tracking System Project Abstract:

During the course of development of a software, there occurs a large number of bugs. A single programmer or sometimes a group of programmers may not be able to debug the system. In such cases, the issue needs to be shared among certain companies so that the problem can find an appropriate solution. And, a web-based tracking system is the best option to forecast the bugs and its proper debugging process.

The proposed project on Bug Tracking System is capable of storing old bug details and providing record search facility. If a bug which has already occurred in any pre-developed software takes place in new system, it can be easily detected using the bug tracking system application. It serves as an assistant for a software engineer during debugging process.


  • The software is applicable in managing the bugs that occur during development of software and to track the older issues.
  • It facilitates searching facility to bug history and solution.
  • The system is fully secured; authentication method is adopted to manage security.
  • It stores the older bug reports so that they can be easily solved when they reappear.
  • The application helps the project manager in evaluating the works of employees.
  • The proposed software is capable of auto update when latest version is available.

Modules Overview:

The proposed project has three major modules: employee, manager and administrator. Each module is designed to perform some specific task in bug tracking process. The modules are briefly introduced below:

Employee Module is designed for programmers of the software or employees, specially the coding team and testing team.  The coding team is supposed to update details of bugs to the software, and the testing team checks and updates the status.

Manager Module is handled by project manager to look after employees. It is useful in analyzing the number of employee necessary to accomplish the project.

Administrator module is superior to the above two modules and it can control their activities. The main function of this module is to manage coders and testing team, and to update the details.


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Bug Tracking System Project in Java facilitates the tracking service in software development. The project can be implemented in any software development company or a group of companies under the same management system. This being an online software and the growing use of internet confirm the bright future and scope of this project.

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