What is a null pointer in C Programming

In c programming there are various terms that are used in referring different things, a null pointer is one of the computer commands that perform the task of directing operating system in a computer memory that is said to be empty. In most cases, null pointers are used to show the end processing event in the memory. There are various ways that people have defined.

What is a null pointer in c programming, some of this definition includes

  • A null pointer in c programming is a pointer that is showing or pointing nothingit is a pointer that tries to point the bottom address of a certain section in the computer memory
  • A null pointer is also said to be a value that is false; this can be illustrated by using numbers which are a computer language, for example, 6>9, in computer language this statement is said to be null pointing.
Most people do null pointers and uninitialized pointers in c programming. What should be understood here is that null pointers are not pointing any valid object or value in the program unlike uninitialized pointers which might compare some valid objects in or it can also point out null objects. In addition to this uninitialized pointers can perform all these tasks at different periods as opposed to null pointers. Null pointers usually have various semantics than null values alone. A null value in programming database means something of unknown value.Reasons why you should work on null pointers.
It is very important to check the null pointers in your c programming. You can do this by using 0 in your various texts. By checking this, your will be able to keep your your program code clean and it will be very easy for you to understand them and hence you will have a positive regard for your work.
In short, For each pointer type, there is a special value, null pointer, which is different from all other pointer values and is guaranteed to compare unequal to a pointer to any variable.


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