Java Project: Student Registration System


Java Project: Student Registration System have  good graphical user interface for the calculation and display of the information about students. The students processed in the system stored in a Java array.

The objectives of this Java Project: Student Registration System:

  1. Familiarize with the use of arrays
    • Manipulate a collection of data values using an array
    • Compute statistics out of an array of values
    • Declare and use an array of primitive/reference data types
  2. Familiarize with the use of exception handling for data format and range checking
  3. Familiarize with a sorting method a. Using the Heap sort on an array of object elements
  4. Re-use existing classes
  5. Understand basic GUI objects
  6. Write a GUI application
    • Identify the GUI objects that are necessary for the application
    • Organize the positions and functions of these GUI objects for the application
    • Design the application such that the user interface is sensible and user-friendly
  7. Familiarize with the javax.swing and AWT packages and layout management
  8. Familiarize with code documentation, compilation, and execution 9. Expose to Java syntax, programming styles, and Java classes

Java Project: Student Registration System GUI contain the following:

A menu system to control the overall system. It must include the following menus and menu items:

File Menu with the following menu items:

  • New – Create a new student’s file
  • Open – Brings up an open JFileChooser for user to select students file to open and opens that file
  • Save – Saves current students to the open students file
  • Save As – Brings up a save JFileChooser for the user to select the students file to which to save the current students
  • Quit – Prompts to save current students to file if they have not been saved and exits the system

Edit Menu with the following menu items:

  • Add Student – Create a new student for the set of students
  • Delete Student – Deletes a selected student for the set of students

Process Menu with the following menu items:

  • Compute Stats – Calculates the statistics for the entire set of students
  • Sort Students – Allows user to sort set of students

The user must first create a new list of students or open a list of students from a file. You will need to ask the user how many students are currently stored in the data file they wish to open. Once the user has chosen to create a new set of students or open a list of students, then he/she may begin adding new and deleting existing students. Both processes require an additional window. Once some number of students has been added or read from the file, the user may now process the data.

The GUI display the list of students (name, ID, associated course number, and total amount due) and the statistics for the total amount due.

Finally, the application save the data. If the user opened a file to get the list of students, then when they select the “Save” menu item, the system save the updated data to that file.

Download the source code Java Project: Student Registration System


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