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Java Concurrency in Practice is probably the best Java book with detailed focus on multi-threading and Concurrency. It is one of the must read books for core Java learners and developers. In this post, I have included links for Java Concurrency in Practice pdf Download. The pdf version of the book has been uploaded on dropbox for free and easy download.

This book, written by Joshua Bloch, Doug Lea and team, explains well what is wrong and why it’s wrong in Java. It also elaborates how to make it right, and these are probably the most essential things one look for in a good Java book. You can access Java Concurrency in Practice pdf Download from the download links provided in this post.

Download: Java Concurrency in Practice

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Book Description:

Java Concurrency in Practice pdf Download

  • Title: Java Concurrency in Practice
  • Authors: Joshua Bloch, Doug Lea and team
  • Edition: 1st
  • Pages: 346
  • Format: pdf

Java Concurrency in Practice is divided into four parts. It begins with introduction to a brief history of concurrency; the first part is Fundamentals which consists of chapters such as Thread Safety, Sharing Objects, Composing Objects and Building Blocks. The second part deals with Structuring Concurrent Applications with chapters –Task Execution, Cancellation and Shutdown, Applying Thread Pools and GUI Applications.

Part III in this book is about Liveness, Performance and Testing. It includes 3 chapters: Avoiding Liveness Hazards, Performance and Scalability and Testing Concurrent Programs. The last portion deals with Advanced Topics such as Explicit Locks, Building Custom Synchronizers , Atomic Variables and Nonblocking Synchronization and The Java Memory Model.

So, instead of focusing on core Java classes, Java Concurrency in Practice focuses on various concurrency topics, and problems aforementioned. This book proves to be the best resource to master Java concurrency package along with classes like CyclicBarrier, Semaphore, BlockingQueue or CountDownLatch.

Copyright issues: The pdf version of this book is made available here for download for academic purpose only, i.e. for students and learners seeking this book on the internet. If you think this violates the Copyright policies of the book/publication, inform me at [email protected], and this post will be removed from the website.

A good feature of this book is that it contains no “nonsense examples”. All the examples are clear, concise and easy to analyze. Note that this is the 1st edition of Java Concurrency in Practice pdf Download written by Joshua Bloch, Doug Lea and team. You can find some good other Java books here.


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