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If you’re looking for a great book to learn Ruby, Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper is probably the best book to get started with. Here, you can find the download links for the pdf version of Peter Cooper’s Beginning Ruby 2nd Edition. This book is great for those with no or very little programming knowledge as it is presented in an instructional format, and guides you through the basic programming concepts of the language.

Peter Cooper is a code experimenter and software developer, primarily focused in programming languages such as Ruby, C and JavaScript. His Beginning Ruby – From Novice to Professional was published by Apress; the 1st edition came out in 2007, and the 2nd in 2009. The book had already sold around 15,000 copies worldwide as of 2012. His other famous books include Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough, Self Promotion for Geeks, Ruby in Practice, Essential Ruby, and Design Patterns in Ruby.

Download: Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional (Expert’s Voice in Open Source)

Book Description:

Beginning Ruby Peter Cooper pdf Download 2nd Edition

  • Title: Beginning Ruby (From Novice to Professional)
  • Author: Peter Cooper
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Pages: 658
  • Format: pdf

Beginning Ruby covers a lot of ground in Ruby programming language, and offers a tutorial-based explanation of the various aspects of the language. The overall books consists of short tutorials, examples and larger projects, so it is just a great book of those who are just new to dynamic languages.

The 2nd Edition of Beginning C by Peter Cooper not only covers the fundamental topics of Ruby but also dives into testing, building Web apps, database apps, the pros and cons of Ruby frameworks, networking daemons, and developing GUI applications. The whole book is divided into 3 parts which total 17 chapters.

The first part “Foundation and Scaffolding” covers introduction to the Ruby programming language. The topics disused here are Installing Ruby, Ruby and Object Orientation, Building Blocks of Ruby: Data, Expressions & Flow Control, Developing Ruby app, and the Ruby Ecosystem.

The second part covers “The Core of Ruby”. It discusses topics such as Classes, Objects & Modules, Projects & Libraries, Documentation, Error Handling, Debugging & Testing, Files & Databases, Ruby Applications & Libraries, Advanced Ruby Features and Developing Larger Ruby Application.

The third part “Ruby Online” deals with Web Application Frameworks such as Rails, Sinatra & Ramaze, Ruby and the Internet, Networking, Sockets & Daemons, GUI-based Desktop Application Development and some Useful Ruby Libraries.

Copyright issues: The pdf version of this book is made available here for download for academic purpose only, i.e. for students and learners seeking this book on the internet. If you think this violates the Copyright policies of the book/publication, inform me at [email protected], and this post will be removed from the website.

Overall, Beginning Ruby is simply a great book well suited for those who are just starting to learn Ruby programming language. Note that this is the 2nd Edition of Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper pdf Download. You can find other good Ruby books as well as books in other programming languages here.


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