We started to search out the most effective ways to enhance your WordPress website in 2016. So as to try and do that, we tend to searched way and wide for the most effective answers from WordPress developers round the globe.

The results!

Some of the most effective WordPress specialists took a glance into their ball and allow us to savvy to enhance WordPress sites for 2016. 10 specialists on WordPress Sites for 2016

1Anthony First State Guzman – AnthonyDeGuzman.Com

The most necessary issue WordPress sites ought to specialize on in the year 2016 is integrate SEO and page speed. WordPress sites area unit infamous for being slow — the most wrongdoer being plugins. Sadly, most customers lack the savviness or forget to scale back the quantity of plugins. WordPress developers ought to account for that and develop sites and themes to be as quick as potential.

SEO integration is another demand that’s more and more being seen. It’s necessary to implement style that’s crawlable by Google’s search engines and embrace Schema markup.

2Allen Greer – primer, Inc

The most necessary issue any business will do to enhance their WordPress website is give a boost to security. WordPress could be a favorite target for hackers and has been exploited at more and more escalated level.

*Earlier this year, WP issued a security unleash to repair a vulnerability that would have exposed thousands of websites to hackers.

Owners of WordPress sites ought to remember of better-known attacks and speedily implement security patches or fixes developed by WordPress and its community, to make sure they’re doing everything potential to avert a disaster.

3Les Proctor – Nicheworks

Measured by the “*coffee look test*.” head to a cafe with a laptop computer, raise five completely different individuals to view your website. Tell them you’re aiming to open up your laptop computer for five seconds, show them your web site. Then shut your laptop computer. Tell them their job is to inform you what they saw.

If they can’t tell you what form of business the web site was created for, it didn’t pass the check. Back to the starting stage.

4James Sacci – ProWeb Innovations

WordPress could be a content management system that permits business owners the flexibility to make content themselves. My suggestion to business owners is to make quality content specifically for his or her target users, and not search engines. By quality content I mean; content that’s user friendly, engaging, shareable, and provides a much better user expertise than their competition will.

5Celina Levin – Majux selling

I am perpetually in WordPress creating committal to writing and styling changes, further as uploading web log posts and pages. If I had to be honest, ninety fifth of my job involves WordPress…so I actually have over some gripes. However, here is what I’d have WordPress specialize in for 2016: Get obviate default tags/categories. WordPress’s default classes and tag website structure isn’t optimized for Google. several inexperienced users developing WordPress sites unwittingly are fined by Google’s algorithmic program for skinny and duplicate pages that exist by neglect on a WordPress web site.

6Jeff Gapinski – Huemor styles LLC

A well-constructed back-end interface. With the addition of Advanced Custom Fields (and all of its awful offshoots), WordPress developers have far more management over what they will offer non-technical users management over.

While it’s awful to possess all of those choices, it will quickly become cumbersome for the client/non-technical user to navigate. Developers ought to specialize in creating sensible use of text helps, organizing custom fields with tabs, and making custom user permissions can build the website far more accessible to the client/non-technical user.

7Dan Gudema – come out Pop

I think the largest issue for many WordPress sites or WordPress developers like myself isn’t on the front-end, however on the back-end. one amongst the largest problems for developers and designers that work with WordPress, is that the large array of plugins and theme addons.

They are nice for practicality, however once you’ve got over twenty, there are a unit of a bunch of issues that begin occurring after they are in conflict with one another or WordPress itself, not enough system memory or PHP versions. typically what happens on associate update is the white screen of death.

Lastly there are most cases wherever there exist three or four levels of plugin and system settings impacting one feature. So, WordPress wants a much better plugin manager, which might backup plugins to let the system continue operating, can build the memory changes once necessary and determine different problems that permit plugins to figure along harmonized. Hey, perhaps i will be able to write that plugin.

8Joseph Wong – Intelligence cluster

In 2016, WordPress sites wants the subsequent to improve:

trendy layout and style – the newest trends embody easy styles and neutral colours moreover as mobile-first methodology.

  • Lead Generation – plugins that unobtrusively asks for email address in exchange for a bit of information (i.e. whitepaper) that the targeted audience would notice appealing. several sites currently are merely a web pamphlet and are missing opportunities to come up with leads.
  • Security – many must-haves embody Anti-Malware by Eli and Wordfence.
  • Analytics – plugins or themes that permit integration with Google Analytics or different varieties of analytics.

9Tushar Jain – Kays Harbor

The one factor that WordPress sites ought to specialize on in 2016 would be Responsive Usability. With Google emphasizing importance on responsive websites, we have a tendency to currently recognize that we’d like to form absolutely responsive websites, however it doesn’t finish there.

Developers got to keep innovating on a way to manage the User expertise. A modification in device shouldn’t end in a modification of the complete behavior, instead ought to complement it.

The use of Navigation panels, sliders, forms etc. all ought to be done when due deliberation to make sure that the users notice it equally simple in navigating through the web site, regardless of the device used.

10St. Christopher Lis – Sparxoo.com

The most vital factor WordPress websites ought to specialize on in 2016 is site speed. There are variety of free plugins and tools accessible to hurry up the load time of a website, together with WP Super Cache and Google Page Speed Insights.

Reducing website load time not solely helps retain users by presenting their content quickly, however it conjointly improves a site’s ranking on Google’s search results.


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